A microalgae-based biotechnology startup


We cultivate various microalgae species to obtain their benefits for different applications.

What are microalgae?
It grow in a range of aquatic habitats...
Kelapa Gading Block, Surabaya, Indonesia
We are certified by the National Science Association of Indonesia
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What are microalgae?

Microalgae (plural form of microalga) grow in a range of aquatic habitats, including salt water, fresh water, and even wastewater

Most microalgae grow through photosynthesis -> tropical advantage

Microalgae have very diverse species and sub-species

They produce a wide range of bioproducts, including polysaccharides, lipids, pigments, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants

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The relevance of microalgae

Pharmaceutical relevance

They can help to reduce the imports of pharmaceutical raw materials

Food relevance

They can be a source of protein and vitamins. Also one of sustainable solution for the production of biochemical to replace petroleum-based colorant.

Energy relevance

They are one of the potential sustainable solution for the production of biofuel.

Sustainability relevance

They can be cultivated on palm oil mill effluent, thus making the palm oil production to be more sustainable.

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Existing production problem

Most Indonesian microalgae cultivation companies apply an open raceway pond system, which comes with an embedded limitation.
Indonesian microalgae cultivation companies only produce single species
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Our Solution

We apply a closed photobioreactor system
We are able to produce various microalgae species. This capability gives us the flexibility to serve a variety of customer demands.

Our vision is to strengthen the position of our proud nation, Indonesia, in the competition map.

We cultivate various microalgae species to obtain their benefits for different applications: food and beverages, nutraceuticals & dietary supplements, personal care, animal feed, and bio-energy. We utilize zero waste and closed cultivation system to ensure the quality and efficiency of our production. 

Since 2010

Our research and development have been and continue to evolve, including four years of intense collaboration with numerous researchers in the Netherlands

Let the Numbers Speak

Founded by three partners who have the same vision to strengthen Indonesia’s capability to harness the benefit of microalgae.

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